Innovative Consultancy Approach

We strive to ensure that solutions that are aligned to international best practice are drafted, a situation which inevitably leads to significant reliance on international consultants and actuaries, whilst at the same time involving competent local consultants to ensure ongoing support.

Atchison is widely diversified, capable of providing advice in many fields where feasibility studies are required. We believe that we are at the cutting edge of innovation in terms of developing the best methods of advising our clients of their key consulting issues.

We listen to our clients. Quality client service starts with an understanding of each client’s needs and objectives. Adding value is our objective for every client.

In particular, we do not believe in providing a “house” or “imported” view. By listening to our clients’ needs, we align our services to deliver the features and solutions that are most appropriate reflecting the client’s objectives and socio-economic circumstances.

We strive to be proactive in all our areas of business. We view it as our role to approach our clients with any changes in socio-economic factors and industry trends, and to pre-empt potential problems before they emerge; and provide possible solutions to these emerging challenges.

The above aspects are particularly relevant in the context of business assignments where the possible pitfalls of any proposed approaches will need to be explored.

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