The unequivocal application of our mission, resource base and philosophy is reflected in our client base.

Our clients range from small new schemes to major market leaders, household names and parastatals. We have extensive experience in advising institutions on actuarial related matters, in particular, providing actuarial advice to promote ongoing financial soundness and ideal accumulation of institutional assets.Apart from specialising in both public and private sector pensions, our actuaries act as appointed actuaries and consultants to a large number of insurance companies in this region. Some of the clients to which our actuaries have provided actuarial and advisory services relevant to this assignment include:

Clients that our team have worked with

  •  National health Insurance Fund - Kenya
  •  Department of Defence medical fund – Office of the President, Kenya
  •  National Security Intelligence, Kenya
  •  National Assured Lives Mortality Tables - Kenya


  • Government of Zimbabwe – Public Service Pension Fund
  • Ministry of Health and Child Welfare (Health financing options in Zimbabwe)
  • 30 Comarton Managed Pension Funds
  • Comarton Managed Pension Funds Self-Insurance Pool

An outline of some of our recent experience is set out in Part C of this Expression of Interest. A full list of our other clients can be obtained on request. References may be obtained from any of our clients. We nevertheless set out in this document a list of some of the contact details of our Clients, whom you may contact for a reference.

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